Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The soaring club's Schweizer training glider - in it I soloed and got my glider rating. In it I never soared with eagles, but flew ridge lift with hawks - even spooked  and "chased" a deer on the ridge top.   My last flight in 69R was a ride with a friend  - a quick aero-tow to the ridge & back seeking lift, but not a bump; however, upon landing we learned of the excitement - there had been a earthquake while we were up-in-the-air.  (Note:  the earthquake epicenter was just NNE of the airport where the powers-that-be later put Jordanelle dam & reservoir - no fault was going to stop them.)
 The soaring club also had a single-seat sailplane (Cherokee II RM) which tried to put the fear of flying in me. In a spin, a wing would suddenly drop, flip upside-down, then nose to ground, but neutralize controls and it would just as suddenly return to normal flight. Then there was once I went red-line airspeed in clear air turbulence - realization: I was more afraid of the parachute on my back (it simply served as the seat back cushion).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

25th plus 10

Valentines Day 10 years ago was our 25th wedding anniversary. Previously Joelyn said she wanted to do something special for our 25th - celebration, vacation, etc.; I wasn't keen on the idea.
That Valentines Day morning, I took Joelyn to her regularly scheduled, on-going appointment with her oncologist who wasn't aware it was our anniversary. This was the day Dr Regina referred Joelyn to hospice ... mid-day hospice was at our house with a complete support system:  scheduling nursing & an aide and a hospital bed & oxygen was delivered. That day was special, all right; especially since I still cannot believe I was married for 25 years.

Monday, February 06, 2012