Friday, October 28, 2011

Ginger ale marble bottle

A.E.KEMP / GORE & Kilner Bros mark: KcB / 6933 and a cork ring inside.
Is this from New Zealand? But found in SW Wyoming!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


...the new spillway at Reelfoot Lake (the port at Cates Landing on the Mississippi River is another destruction site).  The current spillway, circa 1930, is also the bridge connecting Lake to Obion county and is under-destruction from traffic.

This past weekend was the annual traffic-jam (; craftier than artsy, but mostly peripheral flea-markets & lots of yard sales. This coming weekend is the waterfowl festival (; lots of duck calls, but no duck come!

'Tis Fall judging by the farm equipment I encounter on the road. Corn is finishing-up then soy and cotton starting-up...streets are lined with cotton bolls especially as they converge on the gin.

Since the flooding in early May--some bugged-out never to return--seems like it's been even quieter around here; maybe it's those who couldn't afford a muffler before, can't afford gas now.