Saturday, November 27, 2010

School's out

Between 3rd & 4th grade: That summer I had a crew cut & a baseball cap ... one day passing thru the kitchen, Mom tells me to take a bath; of course, I probably questioned Why? But I prepared a tub & when Mom looked in on me she had to laugh cause I was still wearing my cap. (My neck was probably the high water mark.) As the summer passed the cap got dirty from handling & the headband tattered throwing it over model airplane props when they start backwards - this got fuel on it too. SO once again Mom tells me to take a bath, this time while gathering-up clothes Mom grabbed the cap too. I asked Where's my hat? But Mom threw it away where I would never find it.

School daze

In kindergarten nap time was to spread out a mat & lay quietly. I do not think anyone got any actual sleep. But once I fell asleep on the merry-go-round during afternoon recess. In a daze I heard kids call out after the bell & I saw the last few kids go in. When I awoke the merry-go-round had stopped & no one was around. I snuck back into school at nap time & nabbed by my teacher. I was stood in the corner for the remainder of nap time. Let this be a lesson:  Do not get caught sleeping during nap time.
PostScript:  I don't think kindergartens (& 1st grade) does a nap time anymore and it may be a afternoon kindergaten thing.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


... severe weather: wind & thunderstorms with winter weather overnight plus a tornado warning (an audio would be the sirens in town). From the front room window, looking southwest: weather radio indicates a tornado within 20 miles headed northeast, my way, @55mph. On the left is the weather "turkey" windsock and also Gus the Magnolia. AND it's my IRS birthday, too.

PostScript:  I was layed-up with a cold for the week following.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Looking south along the back & front in a 2by2 mosaic the lighting from top to bottom never comes out even and the bottom half shows more distortion.
For your perusal: "no rocks, no rills, no hills"