Friday, July 27, 2012

This blurb is not a MyStory but my UncleHu's story ...

Gran'maBelle had 5 young boys to feed ... she took their lunch to them at school. Since it was during the Depression, sometimes they would have potato sandwiches ... the other kids were envious 'cause the Bell boys were getting a hot lunch.

Times are not tough for me, but I made-up my own recipe for a hot potato sandwich - using either hash brown or mashed potatoes - shallow-fry a latka (potato pancake) with flour & egg to help hold it together, then serve on a yeast roll or muffin or thick slices of toasted sourdough or rye bread.  I'm sure Gran'ma Belle did what she could to fancify it for the boys, so I add cheese with either bacon or sausage, too ... bon appetit  ... 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The master bath (& bedroom) is mostly unused, I was weighing myself when I thought I ought to run water thru the drains to fill the traps since the toilet bowl was low (in the winter I antifreeze them), to my surprise there was a frog under the seat, like pictured above, but not as colorful. By the way, this bathroom's decor/theme is cutsy frog.

 I set him free, outside, where he may find his way back thru the sewer.  SO, what next ??? Snakes!

PostScript:  Urban tales tell of exotic snakes & alligators, but in this part of the country it's more likely to be snapping turtles.