Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Edison Blue Amberol Record with the following on the rim: "1875. THE RUBE AND THE COUNTRY DOCTOR. HARLAN & STANLEY." & "PAT'D. 7". Produced in 1913, numbered 1875. ¿Time to update my record collection? I'm considering an 8-track in a '56 Studebaker Skyhawk.

Addendum: In Lehigh the neighborhood gang's only income was nickel bottle deposits. We would frequent the local dump. Once we found a cardboard box with about a dozen cylinder records, but a so-called adult talked us out of them except I was, "keeping one for myself!"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daffy Bell

Pete, a neighborhood/high school friend, got this for me when he & his sister and his Mom went back to the Carolinas 'cause it reminded him of me.  The Daffy Bell on his chest is almost wiped-out.  Porcelain with a bead strung as a clacker - made in Japan - not Looney Tunes.


PostScript:  When Pete died, it was 4 years before I found out.