Monday, May 16, 2011

I Spring...conjugated

Gus the Magnolia "pushing-up" blossoms from the Hell-Hound.  (The tulip poplar shows no sign of blooming.)

II Sprang

Yellow honeysuckle (showing "Lake Paschall", actually the old bed of the Bayou du Chien, in the distance due to the flooding in early May).

III Sprung

Bungalow looking north along the front & back in a 2X2 mosaic. In the fore-ground on each side are wisteria in bloom - may not be noticeable, but it's there best effort yet...


Miniature nectarine & peach blooming in mid-March w/an olive, a new porch plant addition.  At this time, the peach dropped all of its fruit, but I may get one nectarine.

PostScript:  Late July I harvested my one & only nectarine -- it was a slick, fuzz-less peach, but not very sweet.