Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The soaring club's Schweizer training glider - in it I soloed and got my glider rating. In it I never soared with eagles, but flew ridge lift with hawks - even spooked  and "chased" a deer on the ridge top.   My last flight in 69R was a ride with a friend  - a quick aero-tow to the ridge & back seeking lift, but not a bump; however, upon landing we learned of the excitement - there had been a earthquake while we were up-in-the-air.  (Note:  the earthquake epicenter was just NNE of the airport where the powers-that-be later put Jordanelle dam & reservoir - no fault was going to stop them.)
 The soaring club also had a single-seat sailplane (Cherokee II RM) which tried to put the fear of flying in me. In a spin, a wing would suddenly drop, flip upside-down, then nose to ground, but neutralize controls and it would just as suddenly return to normal flight. Then there was once I went red-line airspeed in clear air turbulence - realization: I was more afraid of the parachute on my back (it simply served as the seat back cushion).


Jody said...

Is that the actual glider you flew? Or just a stock image of one like it? I would still like to go skydiving one day and I know you had to do that as part of your training. Way cool, though.

aka Jdewey said...

Note the aircraft's number: N2769R; altho, it's not me in the cockpit.