Saturday, November 27, 2010

School daze

In kindergarten nap time was to spread out a mat & lay quietly. I do not think anyone got any actual sleep. But once I fell asleep on the merry-go-round during afternoon recess. In a daze I heard kids call out after the bell & I saw the last few kids go in. When I awoke the merry-go-round had stopped & no one was around. I snuck back into school at nap time & nabbed by my teacher. I was stood in the corner for the remainder of nap time. Let this be a lesson:  Do not get caught sleeping during nap time.
PostScript:  I don't think kindergartens (& 1st grade) does a nap time anymore and it may be a afternoon kindergaten thing.

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Jody said...

I'm sure I had nap time in school- but I don't remember it. So obviously, I either napped without any problems, or never napped so I don't think of it as "nap time."

Of course, I've never fallen asleep on a merry-go-round... cute story!