Thursday, July 26, 2012

The master bath (& bedroom) is mostly unused, I was weighing myself when I thought I ought to run water thru the drains to fill the traps since the toilet bowl was low (in the winter I antifreeze them), to my surprise there was a frog under the seat, like pictured above, but not as colorful. By the way, this bathroom's decor/theme is cutsy frog.

 I set him free, outside, where he may find his way back thru the sewer.  SO, what next ??? Snakes!

PostScript:  Urban tales tell of exotic snakes & alligators, but in this part of the country it's more likely to be snapping turtles.

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Jody said...

Wow. Never heard of that before. At the cabin, we once caught a mouse in the toilet, but he wanted out just couldn't get out... here's hoping snakes won't actually be an issue :-)